Main Hula Hoop workshops held by

Sky Flow Artist (UK) – Gail O’Brien (UK) –
Reni Hardmeier (CH) – Rico Titou (FR) – Caterina Suttin & Kristina Sutcliffe (USA) – Mouna Nemri (FR) – Paola Berton (ITA)

Optional workshops: 

Yoga and Aerial Hoop with Bijhoop …more to come…

All the workshops are suitable from beginner to advance, experienced teachers will built up the workshops to allow all levels of participants to follow them.

I workshops sono adatti per principianti ed esperti, insegnanti di consolidata esperienza imposteranno tutti i workshops affinché siano eseguibili da partecipanti di tutti i livelli.


Our Teachers

Sky Flow Artist (UK)

Sky Flow Artist is a professional hula hoop performer and instructor born in Brighton, UK. Starting ballet at the age of 4, Sky has been performing on stage for most of her life. As a rhythmic gymnast she was in the National Team, won numerous medals at the British Championships and competed for Great Britain abroad. As a hula hoop artist she now combines elements of rhythmic gymnastics and dance with traditional circus hooping, adding her own tricks and creativity as much as possible. Sky is passionate about sharing her hoop skills with others and has taught at some of Europe’s most renowned conventions. She is currently touring Europe with her shows and workshops. Earlier this year Sky was delighted to win the title ‘European Hooper of the Year 2016’.


Gail O’Brien (UK)

Gail is a dynamic and technical contemporary hoop dancer and a renowned hoop teacher based in the UK. Gail has taught extensively in the last 5 years at events including Hoopcamp, SWHoop, German Hoop Convention, European Juggling Convention, Brighton Flow Fest and UK Hoop Gatherings. She also runs the annual Manchester Hoop Congress, now in its fifth year, which brings together the best of UK and international hoop talent to teach and perform.

Her unique and adaptable performance style with hoop, fire hoop and LED/glow hoop has seen her perform internationally at cabarets, conventions, festivals and corporate events.


Reni Hardmeier (CH)

Reni Hardmeier is a one of a kind, self trained hoop dancer based in Zürich, Switzerland. She uses her background in yoga, snowboarding, contact staff and poi to understand how the body and hula hoop communicate with one another. Her tricks vary from super techy to visually strong yet easily accessible. Reni challenges her students with unconventional hoop techniques, giving you new perspectives within your hoop world. She is super excited to attend Italian Hoop connection and teach her brand new material.

Caterina Suttin & Kristina Sutcliffe (USA)

Caterina Suttin and Kristina Sutcliffe have been working together, combining their unique approaches to movement and hooping to develop SalsaHOOP and Twin Rhythms. SalsaHOOP is the fusion of Latin Dance and Rhythms with Hoop Technique. Caterina and Kristina have discovered that by using the body fully and adding footwork can facilitate learning of simple and complex hoop techniques. The teaching technique that has evolved is accessible for the beginner to advanced hooper and can be done with one to four hoops.
Caterina shares her mastery of highly technical hoop tricks, drills and breakdown of these techniques while Kristina shares her vast knowledge of body movement, complex rhythms and choreography and together they create a fusion of saturated, intentional movement with the inherent poly rhythms of dance and hoop techniques and mix it into a hot, fiery and fully embodied dance that is SalsaHOOP and Twin Rhythms.


 Mounâ Nemri (FR)

Hyperactive and tired of being stuck in college, she dropped everything at 21 years old and decided to spend her life on stage, one year after falling in love with a plastic tube they call hula-hoop. She stays a year as a free electron to the Lido, the Toulouse circus school, to be trained in dance, acrobatics and handstands, and where she met her “hoop sister” Marianna De Sanctis. She joined the preparatory class of the Lyon circus school before coming back to the Lido, this time as a student of the vocational training, where she will continue to develop her technical and scenic research at the crossroads between hip-hop and object manipulation, theater and clown.


Paola Berton (ITA)

Paola Berton is a hula hoop artist, 7 years ago she started hooping by herself, and then she has been traveling all over the world to share with the best hoop dancers. The constant contact and interchange with dancers and jugglers is for her source of inspiration to create new ways to use the hula hoop. Indeed she incorporates all she gets from juggling, contemporary dance and contact improvisation. She is the organizer of Italian Hoop Connection, the annual retreat held in Italy in July since 2010. She teaches workshops for beginners and advances. In her teaching she combines a scientific approach with intuitions, she focus in breaking down everything in order to make every movement more clear and to give all the participants something to work on.


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