Lila Chupa-Hoops (FR) Kristin Lahoops (DE) Rico Titou (FR) 

Jusztina Hermann (HU) Nuria Luna Llena (ARG)

Paola Berton (ITA)

…and more to be announced…

This year all the workshops will be focus on the body expression as performing tool, but also as a way to manifest ourself.

Optional workshops 

Yoga – Handstand – Fans
…more are coming… 

Healing Area

Thai Massage 


All the workshops are suitable from beginner to advance, experienced teachers will built up the workshops to allow all levels of participants to follow them.

I workshops sono adatti per principianti ed esperti, insegnanti di consolidata esperienza imposteranno tutti i workshops affinché siano eseguibili da partecipanti di tutti i livelli.

Our Teachers

Lila Chupa-Hoops (FR)

Lila Chupa-Hoops is a performer and teacher from Paris, France and has been hooping for almost 10 years ! She started her career in the burlesque scene and quickly created various acts showcasing her characters from the cute Pin-up girl to the sensual Roxanne. She masters single hoop flow, circus multihooping, fire dancing and even more objects to juggle with. Awarded European Hoop of the Year in 2017, she has been sharing her passion through the whole world, teaching at 35 international retreats and gatherings since the last 5 years.


Kristin Lahoops (DE)

Kristin Lahoops great passion began in 2009 when she discovered the Hula Hoop as a dance partner. Youtube was her teacher number one at this time. She profits from the huge offer in Berlin and formed herself in dance, clowning and artistry. Kristin was able to develop her unique and innovative style through this multi disciplinary training path. She is strongly influenced by the poetry of French Nouveau Cirque. Her
speciality is the combination of tricks with dancing, rythmic and expressive elements. As if the body tells a story through her Hula Hoop. Since 2012, she has been on stages of gala shows, variety shows, festivals, cultural events and clubs. Since 2013 she has been teaching at European Hula Hoop Conventions: German Hoop Convention, Hooptouch (Paris), Swhoop (Bristol), Get the Ring (Zurich), Alpine Hoop Retrait (Austria).
Instagram: @kristinlahoop


Rico Titou (FR)


Rico travels around the globe, teaching and performing within the hoop. He‘s credited with the development of an epic style of hula hoop position or movement called Vertical’In Hooping. It is described as a technique to hoop vertically while keeping the body in an upright position. This effect is achieved with a combination of movements found in belly-dance and contact-staff skills. After 10 years playing hoop, Rico continues to reach new dimensions and discovery within the hoop. He has taught hundreds of workshops worldwide. He is a long time innovator of on-body hooping techniques. His unique angled style, and concepts of ‘vertical shoulder hooping’ have influenced hoopers world-wide. He’s constantly pushing the boundaries of his own skill, incorporating into his hooping new objects, elements of local terrain, and stylized upper body motion. Come learn from one of the greatest hooping talents from France.
This is an excellent opportunity to learn many aspects and variations of angled shoulder hooping.

Jusztina Hermann (HU)

Jusztina Hermann is a performance artist and director based in Edinburgh, Scotland. In her work she combines the diversity of performing arts:  circus, dance, physical theatre, clown, puppetry, visuals and music. She has been directing and mentoring performances internationally since 2002 as well as devising her own work with her company Delighters. She has a postgraduate degree on theatre theory from the University of Veszprem and a Diploma in Physical Theatre Practice. She started hooping in 2008 and has been training circus for the past 20 years. She has been teaching and performing worldwide, from Norway to Hong Kong, Europe, the US and Indonesia in small and large scale production, festivals, private parties and circus events.

Paola Berton (ITA)

Paola Berton is a hula hoop artist and then she has been traveling all over the world to share with the best hoop dancers. The constant contact and interchange with dancers and jugglers is for her source of inspiration to create new ways to use the hula hoop.  She teaches workshops for beginners and advances. In her teaching she combines a scientific approach with intuitions, she focus in breaking down everything in order to make every movement more clear and to give all the participants something to work on.

Nuria Luna Llena (ARG)

Nuria bought her first Hula Hoop 8 years ago, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and instantly felt in love with it! For all these years she has been performing and sharing workshops and classes in Circus Schools and Circus Conventions all over South America (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay) and co-organized the 1st Hula Hoop Convention in Argentina (Convención Argentina de Hula Hoops y Artes Fluidas), helping to growth the Hoop Community in her country. From 2018 to 2020 she was part of EUREKA, a contemporary circus laboratory and also studied Pedagogy apllied to Circus. During the pandemic Nuria continued sharing her knowledge virtually all over Latinoamerica and  was also part of the exceptional teaching staff of the jugglers virtual training camp: Gravity Allies (Aliadxs de la Gravedad). Her Hula Hoop knowledge was mostly self-taught but also took classes and workshops with great worldwide hula hoop references. Her main goal is to open doors to infinity and the multiple possibilities to make everybody feel the power of creating with hoops. In her Italian Hoop Connection Workshop, she will give us tools to create new tricks by playing, exploring, multiplying tricks, exploiting our creativity through Available, Sensitive and Multidimensional bodies. Hoop with your space. Hoop with your imagination. Hoop with your memories.


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