Lila Chupa-Hoops (FR)  Buket Rin (TR) Anna Fisher (AUS) 

Gail O’Brien (UK)  Paola Berton (ITA)

 Helen War (AUS)  


Optional workshops 

Yoga – Handstand – Fans – Animal Flow Movement
…more are coming… 

Healing Area

Thai Massage 

All the workshops are suitable from beginner to advance, experienced teachers will built up the workshops to allow all levels of participants to follow them.

I workshops sono adatti per principianti ed esperti, insegnanti di consolidata esperienza imposteranno tutti i workshops affinché siano eseguibili da partecipanti di tutti i livelli.


Our Teachers

Lila Chupa-Hoops (FR)

Lila Chupa-Hoops is a performer and teacher from Paris, France and has been hooping for almost 10 years ! She started her career in the burlesque scene and quickly created various acts showcasing her characters from the cute Pin-up girl to the sensual Roxanne. She masters single hoop flow, circus multihooping, fire dancing and even more objects to juggle with. Awarded European Hoop of the Year in 2017, she has been sharing her passion through the whole world, teaching at 35 international retreats and gatherings since the last 5 years.

Buket Rin (TR)

Buket Rin is a very curious and determined circus lover and mover. She is based in Sweden where she regularly performs and she is also touring all around to learn and share everything about movement, flow arts, and fire. Teaching and performing are her biggest passions and she adds more tools and styles in her repertoire non-stop. According to rumors, she is counting days until the Italian Hoop Connection and she will teach some interesting stuff that you might have never tried. Get ready to challenge yourself and learn some creative movement, circus/multi-hooping and animal flow from her!

Anna Fisher (AUS)

With up to fifteen years hooping experience, Anna Fisher has emerged as one of Australia’s best technical hula hoopers. Fusing balancing skills with fast paced tech hooping and multi hoop ticks to create a unique, punchy contemporary style. Over the last few years Anna has taught students of the bachelor program at the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne as well as travelled to teach and perform internationally in Europe, New Zealand and Mexico. Anna specialises in teaching high level splitting and separations technique as well as face balancing hoops. 

Instagram: @annafisher_

Gail O’Brien (UK)

Gail is a dynamic and technical contemporary hoop dancer and a renowned hoop teacher based in the UK. Gail has taught extensively in the last 5 years at events including Hoopcamp, SWHoop, German Hoop Convention, European Juggling Convention, Brighton Flow Fest and UK Hoop Gatherings. She also runs the annual Manchester Hoop Congress, now in its fifth year, which brings together the best of UK and international hoop talent to teach and perform.

Her unique and adaptable performance style with hoop, fire hoop and LED/glow hoop has seen her perform internationally at cabarets, conventions, festivals and corporate events.


Paola Berton (ITA)

Paola Berton is a hula hoop artist and then she has been traveling all over the world to share with the best hoop dancers. The constant contact and interchange with dancers and jugglers is for her source of inspiration to create new ways to use the hula hoop.  She teaches workshops for beginners and advances. In her teaching she combines a scientific approach with intuitions, she focus in breaking down everything in order to make every movement more clear and to give all the participants something to work on.


Helen War (AUS)


Helly Hoops serves up a stunning 5-hoop show with character. Trained professionally as a clown and an expert in roving entertainment, Helly’s been performing and teaching hoop and circus for around 6 years and is a pro at throwing a hoop party in workshops. Think hoop tech, and balance that is next-level. Helly’s performed in 7 countries and across 3 states in Australia. Kapow! Last year she did a performance and teaching tour to Central America with Performers Without Borders, then went onto Paris for Rendez V’Hoop, returning to Melbourne to perform at festivals, markets and hoop retreats and events across the eastern seaboard. She can’t wait to greet you in Italy. Woohoo!


Sade Amina Nadour (Uk) – Yoga Teacher

Lila Chupa-Hoops (FR) – Fans

Buket Rin (TR) – Animal Flow

Ka Whoops (ITA) – Globalisation + Hoop & Pose





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